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Unfortunately my N30 has died, so this project is kind of dead since I don't have anything to test on any more. :-(

In 2005 I went and bought myself an Acer N30, a Samsung S3C2410 based PDA. It took me about two weeks to get Linux booting on it, and about a month to really make it useful. A couple of months later during my christmas vacation, I finally sat down and figured out how to do proper power savings, so by early 2006, I had a PDA which could do everything Windows CE could do on that device.

After that I went out and bought an Acer n35 and a Navman PiN 570 which are based on the same design with just some small differences, i.e. the Bluetooth controller is replaced by a GPS and it has a four way joystick. I've been told that the Yakumo AlphaX and Airis NC05 PDAs are also the same design as the Acer n35.

A company (LeTux?) actually started selling Acer N30s with Linux preinstalled, and that effort was partially based on my work.

In 2006 I managed to get everything, including sound and power management, working on the acer N30, but those patches have bitrotted rather badly. All that old Acer n30 stuff is still at .

In June 2008 I started to update my patchsets to a modern Linux kernel (2.6.25). I've used OpenWRT to create the toolchain and to build a ramdisk with some utilities. The sources used to build both openwrt, the linux kernel and the ramdisk are checked into my subversion repository. But as I wrote above, my N30 has died so this project is dead.

So far I've got the following working:

  • Buttons
  • LEDs
  • Framebuffer
  • Backlight
  • Touchscreen
  • MMC/SD slot
  • USB host
  • USB gadget
  • Root file system with a serial console and some tools which are usable from a serial port

Things to do:

Add bluetooth support
Add IrDA support
Add audio support
Add NAND flash support
Add support for suspend to RAM

Things I haven't bothered with, but which aren't hard:

  • The reset button (just because the Linux input subsystem doesn't have a define for a reset key)
  • Any kind of graphical environment such as GPE or Opie